Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trip to St. George

So this past weekend I went to St. George for a conference in Technology and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We went down, and I talked with the driver, a Canadian, all the way down. I mention that he's a Canadian because we all know that I'm instantly more open to being a Canadian's friend than anyone else, perhaps. They're just funnier. We got there and checked into the conference and then had an opening speaker, and then we adjourned until the next morning (Saturday). We went to the Olive Garden and had an awesome dinner. I ate as much as I could, and it felt wonderful. The next morning, after our stay in a nice hotel, we ate a complete breakfast and then we were off to the workshops of the conference. I went to the photography workshops which meant we went out to a canyon around there and just took pictures all morning. Afterwards we came back and sat in on a class about studio lighting. Is anyone jealous of my awesome trip yet? Lunch came next and was a complete dutch over meal. I had two plates followed by a dutch over peach cobbler and ice cream. On the way home our teacher bought us blizzards from DQ.
To top off this wonderful weekend I went to the gym that night and found that my bench max has increased. I had taken about 6 months off between the summer months and the winter months and had lost a lot of strength. This means I'm back. Back as strong as I've ever been. I'm going to start running again but eating more so that I don't lose that weight. I think there's a great chance I could be as strong as ever, with as much endurance as ever, all while being as heavy as ever this summer. This is good because I'd like to do a little more this summer. On the plate right now is climbing, intermural softball, Utah novice volleyball tournaments, and I'd like to add some occasional mountain biking and a tri-athalon or two.