Monday, May 3, 2010

My trump card (Hint: not Jacob)

I've been realizing how much of a great card rock climbing is in my hand. I meet girls all the time and whenever they find out that I rock climb, they always always light up and say they think it would be so fun to do. Well its that easy. There are so many hard ways to get a girls number that I force myself to go through, yet I have the easiest way of all. I simply say, "well, let me grab your number and I'll let you know when we're going." Boom, done and done. Its like clockwork. It reminds me of freshman year when I lived in Heritage. We would walk down to the creamery with the intention of grabbing something small, like chip dip or something. We would walk and on our way would quite often see cute girls we didn't know. I had it down to a science. I would glance at them once or twice as we were approaching them, allowing them to notice my glances(and thereby notice US). As we would walk by, I would stop halfway past them, and say, "Hey, do you live in E. Richards? You look a little familiar" They would then tell us what building they lived in and I would say "wait, what are your names?" I would say that with an air of thoughtfulness as if I had met them once in passing. I would then announce that I guess I didn't know them, give them my name, introduce Bryan or whoever else I was with and let them know that we were going to the creamery to grab something real quick and would they like to come along? They would usually bat their eyes, twirl their hair, look back and forth from my eyes to my lips, etc. It never missed once. Honestly, I can't think of a time it didn't work. If we liked the girls, we'd stall in the creamery, comparing prices or buying multiple items, and if we realized that our personalities were different it was a quick painless way to find out. I got lots of numbers and dates like that. It was my trump card. I always knew the climbing card was good, but I just had extra-ordinary success with it over the weekend and I realized what a mega card this could be. Yes, it could probably even be called a trump card.

Let me tell you what is not a good trump card for all those of you trying to imitate my life: "Hey baby, I drive a 1990 two tone red Corolla. Wanna take a spin in it sometime?"
"ooo, two tone!"
"Yeah, eat your heart out. I think it was the hard water from the sprinklers that corroded the back half of the paint job into a dull red. But the front is still a shiny cherry red!"


"Hey, did you know I don't even have to work out to keep my six-pack? Yep, I'm just THAT skinny."
That's not gonna win anyone very many dates.

Here are some videos of when we went camping and climbing in the tetons last year: