Monday, May 23, 2011

Couch burning and relationship torching

Hello again, all of my adoring readers.

Bryan made a great discovery yesterday. He found a couch in a dumpster. This happened once before just over a year ago. We grabbed it and burned it. Here's a picture.

We expect just as much fun the second time around. In other news, Nik broke up with his girlfriend of 5 months. She lives in Idaho and he lives down here and it was hard. She eventually told him basically that it had to go somewhere or it had to stop. By go somewhere I mean, she wanted him to propose or she didn't see any point in dating any more. He didn't feel like he could propose yet and didn't know how long he would need to figure it out, and he let it go. They broke up a few times before but he said this one was pretty final. Dating is so gut wrenching. I feel bad for him. And I'm really glad I'm back with Lauren, all at the same time. Okay, well I don't have much else to say except that we're going to go pick up the couch from the dumpster today. The ensuing fire will probably be later this week. Here is the funny video I've chosen for this post.

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