Monday, May 9, 2011


So I'm thinking about getting a new pair of shoes. Anyone who has gone shoe shopping with me probably remembers how particular I am about my shoes. Bryan thinks I'm ridiculous for the shoes I have. If at the end of this post you also think so, let me know in the comments. If you understand and agree with me, let me know. I'm curious what the reality of this situation is from a removed, dispassionate viewpoint. And I'm going to gauge reality from everyone's comments. Remember that only the family reads this blog so it's not like there will be tens of comments, so make sure to not skip the comments. The purpose of this particular entry is more like a survey than an update on Tyler's awesome life in Provo.
Some background on the shoes I own. Like I said, Bryan doesn't think I need as many as I have. Here they are-
-I have some left over black shoes from my mission. I use these for the MTC.
-Cheap but nice looking black shoes from ROSS. Used for sundays and nice occassions only, since they aren't very durable.
-I have some nice brown shoes for when I go to work or church in brown slacks.
-Running Shoes. I'm training for my tri-athalon and I use these exclusively for running since I don't want to lose them any earlier than I have to. I don't want to get injured during my runs, and a good way to prevent that is good shoes.
-Cleats. I use these for very competitive games of soccer/frisbee, etc.
-Rock climbing shoes. These are specialized and are only used on rock.
-Suede Puma tennis shoes. I use these when I want to look nice on a daily basis. They are one of two pairs of shoes that I wear to school or anything else besides school/work/sports. They are a lot wider than regular tennis shoes and are more like Puma's style of skater shoe. I can't really use them to run around.
-Doc Martins. I wear these when the ground is wet and I don't want to wear my suede Pumas, or if I want a dressier look. This is the second pair that I wear on a daily basis.
-Old tennis shoes. These are 3 years old. I wear these for all sports whenever I'm not wearing my cleats. They are starting to split out the sides.
As you can see, I use all of these shoes for a specific purpose and they do all get used. The biggest problem comes with my 3 year old tennis shoes. It's not uncommon for me to wear tennis shoes this long but once they split out the sides I usually shift my other and newer pair of tennis shoes into a dual role for a few months. However, as you see from the descriptions above, my other pair of tennis shoes, the suede pumas, can't really be used for sports. That is why I want to get a new pair of shoes. Tennis shoes, to be specific. Is that ridiculous? I could probably get through one more summer on these old tennis shoes because they have only begun to split. That is the problem. I have a hard time buying another pair and having THREE pairs of tennis shoes, even if they all have a use. I just have a hard time saying, "this is my pair for hiking" "this is my pair for sports" "this is my pair for school" Here is a picture of the kicks I'm eyeing.

Please leave your thoughts on what you think reality is. Thanks.


  1. They don't look like an athletic shoe to me. Is that their purpose? To replace the splitting pair that you use for other sports? I think they look nice. If you can afford them and they serve a purpose, I don't see why you shouldn't have them.

  2. afford is such a relative word. And I guess my outlook isn't so much "why shouldn't I?" but more like "Should I?" But yes, they are an athletic shoe. They are primarily an indoor soccer shoe, but most of my tennis shoes in the last 8 years have been indoor soccer shoes. Except for the current suede pumas. Thanks for the comment.